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Our commitment fight against Climate Change and Adaptation

We want our activity to contribute to the local socioeconomic development of the natural, rural and urban destinations in which we develop it. Also to support the efforts of recovery and conservation of our natural, cultural heritage and historical. But especially especially and promoting all this in a model of low carbon tourism activity that fights against climate change and also adapting your activity to it.


For this we are affected by our Strategy to Fight Change Climate and Adaptation that also includes our policy of reducing the footprint of carbon, measurement and compensation. While our current policy is to minimize our footprint as much as possible, calculate the emissions of the transport part of our trips, since represents 90% of the total emissions of our trips and that part is the one that compensate with projects.


Currently we compensate with an internationally certified project, to the expect to be able to develop your own or to do it with a local guarantees and officially certified in Spain.


Compensation project that we support:

Planeta Carbono Neutro

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