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La Laguna, Tegueste

Getaway of several days as an immersion to the Anaga Massif Biosphere Reserve, in the region of Tegueste and La Laguna, where you can enjoy its landscapes and natural heritage, while walking its well-known and less traveled trails that show you the most special places about this area of the island of Tenerife.




Day 01, 28th October

Welcome to Tenerife!

On your arrival at the airport you will pick up your rental car for the next few days and drive to the charming accommodation where you will spend the following days.

Today, it will depend on your arrival time, we can organize an activity for you, recommend places to visit or simply point you to local restaurants so that you can get a taste of the gastronomic culture of the area.

Accommodation : Atlantis Park Resort or similar 


Day 02, 29th October - Tegueste - Bajamar

After breakfast and time to rest, you will start our first guided activity, in contact with nature.

Through a path of great scenic beauty, with panoramic views of the valley of Tegueste, El Teide, the Anaga Massif and part of the northeast coast. It is a trail that can end with a swim in the sea, which gives it an additional interest.

We will also include a picnic made with local and organic products, with the following proposal: 200 ml juice, sandwich with homemade bread (tuna, onion, pepper, tomato and lettuce), a 250 gr. tub of tabbouleh and a piece of fruit.

We will finish by mid-afternoon and the rest of the day will be for you to enjoy on your own, on the beach or visiting the area. We will give you recommendations

Accommodation : Atlantis Park Resort or similar 

Day 03, 30th October - Bejia - Batán

Today we will start the day with a themed route that links two of the most emblematic hamlets of Anaga, Bejía and El Batán, to go down to the washhouses of El Batán. A route that allows to know and discover numerous heritage resources of great historical importance related to water, such as washing places, cisterns, ponds, fountains and irrigation ditches. 

This is an activity with a strong educational and awareness-raising component about the value of water. The tour includes a visit to a farm with yams, one of the most unique and characteristic agri-food products of Anaga, which depends to a large extent on water.

Accommodation : Atlantis Park Resort or similar


Day 04, 31st October - Anaga Forest

After all these days, today it's time for a break. But we will not take this break in the hotel, nor lying on the beach, it will be a conscious and guided break to recharge our batteries. Through breathing and the use of the senses, this activity allows you to fully connect with nature. It is an experience of relaxation, through a circular route suitable for all ages, through the heart of the Anaga forest. A sensory immersion, which takes place in the middle of the laurel forest and helps to release stress and eliminate tension.

Accommodation : Atlantis Park Resort or similar

Day 5, 1st November - Cruz del Carmen - Tegueste

New hiking route to continue our active holidays. This time the starting point will be from Cruz del Carmen and will end in Tegueste.

The route begins under a dense laurel forest, with species such as tile trees, vinatigos and laurels.  Further on we can find Monterrey pines, which were planted to replace fruit trees and vegetables that made up an area of very productive farms. For some years now, the pines have been gradually eliminated and original species have been reintroduced in the area of La Orilla, in order to recover the ecosystem of this place, a laurel forest like the one that extends throughout the massif.

The route ends in the center of Tegueste, with its marked rural character, which can be seen in the landscape that can be enjoyed all the way down the hillside.

Accommodation : Atlantis Park Resort or similar

Day 6, 2nd November 

The southwest of Tenerife is a Whale Heritage Site and one of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins all year round, due to its biodiversity and abundance. In these waters more than 20 different species are encountered, some resident and some migratory.

The most common species on our tours are the resident short-finned pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. All tours have a high 99.9% chance of seeing whales or dolphins. Each day is different, sometimes we see only one species, sometimes up to six.

Pilot whales have patterns of behaviour in habitat use and distribution, which helps us to predict the mornings when we are most likely to encounter them. All other species are unpredictable, and the probability of sighting them is equal throughout the day.

So for today we recommend this environmentally friendly sighting to enjoy all that the island has to offer. 

We will give you recommendations for lunch in local restaurants.

Time to enjoy your last afternoon in contact with the sea, you can visit the beach or take the opportunity to be in contact with the rural park.

Accommodation : Atlantis Park Resort or similar 

Day 7, 3rd November

The trip is over and you have to go back home, you will drive back to the airport. You will leave the rental car and take your flight back.

See you soon!

28th Oct -
3rd Nov

Group of 2 pax in
Hotel Atlantis Park Resort or similar : 582€/pax


  • Accommodation in double room.

  • Breakfast at the hotel

  • Rental car

  • Lunches and dinners included in the programme such as picnics.

  • Activities and routes guided by local guides in English and Spanish.

  • Permits, fees and insurance of the guides for each activity.

  • Prices subject to availability at the time of booking.

Not included:

  • Meals not included in the programme

  • Flights and other means of transport.

  • Other personal expenses

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