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Imagine a place where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy plenty of sun

Where you could listen to the birds and see the wide sky above your head...

This place is real: 

it is called nature!


The Canary Islands - Spain

This itinerary is a Genuine Spain proposal, we can tailor it to suit your needs!




  • Feel the beauty of the laurel forest in the Garajonay National Park.

  • Taste superb traditional gastronomy made by a local chef.

  • Amaze yourself at the cliffs of Valle del Rey in the whale watching tour.

  • Learn about the tradition of the Gomero whistle.




Day 1


Transfer from Tenerife South Airport to Los Cristianos Dock to take a ferry to La Gomera. Upon arrival to the island, meet with your local guide at the dock.  


You will do a complete tour of the island. The National Park is located in the heart of the island, where you could visit different ecosystems of a Tertiary Laurisilva Forest. A destination of short walks but high sensations!


We will have lunch in Casa Efigenia, the only traditional vegetarian restaurant in the island. Our chef is a lovely lady with more than 50 years experience cooking with love for her clients.


Day 2


After breakfast, you will enjoy a themed morning around clay and pottery named Clay Roads. You will learn about the trade and origins of pottery in La Gomera and visit the old community of El Cercado. Then, you will visit Las Loceras Interpretation Center to learn about the clay process and finish the day with a traditional pottery workshop with local artisans.


Lunch will be served at Sonia’s Restaurant in Chipude to finish the day in Valle Gran Rey, where you will stay for the night.


Day 3


After breakfast, you will enjoy a whale watching experience. You will jump on a boat to explore the fantastic Valle Gran Rey cliffs and a little bit of the deep sea. This can easily be  one of the most peaceful and inspiring experiences of the week.


Between the south of La Gomera and the south of Tenerife there are up to 5 different types of cetaceans that live in these waters all year round. The tranquility of the boat trip, the possibility of swimming in the deep sea, tasting a locally sourced snack on board and a responsible wildlife sighting are the key assets of this incredible activity.


Once this is finished, you will get a transfer to the Shepherds Heritage Center where you will get involved in the process of making Gomero cheese. This is a guided workshop by a local goat cheese maker with whom you will also learn about the culture of the island's shepherds. You will help the shepherds in their daily work with the goats and learn about the process to make very good cheese. Also, you will learn about the Silbo Gomero (local native language) and about the famous jump of the Canarian shepherds with a experiential activity.


Día 4


After breakfast, you will get a lift to the pier of San Sebastian de la Gomera to catch a ferry back to Tenerife.


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