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GenuineSpain partners with the Ecotourism Club in Spain

We have recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Ecotourism Club in Spain, in order to strengthen alliances between the companies and professionals members of the Club in terms of commercialization. The main focus of the alliance is the creation of solid, attractive, sustainable, quality and differentiated tourism products offered by entrepreneurs committed to conservation and local development, in order to reach a potential target market.

Recent studies such as those carried out by CREST or the World Travel and Tourism Council reinforce the need to direct efforts towards the rise of a more responsible tourist and more ethical destinations or companies.

Spain has great natural and cultural heritage that would allow the dispersion of the tourist flow to lesser known destinations. Even within the TOP destinations, the purpose is to consolidate suppliers that offer classic but differentiated activities through a new line of transformative experiences, where contact with local reality and its residents prevails.

Proof of the ecotourism potential of Spain is that it is the country of the European Union richest in biodiversity, contributing 18% to the surface of the Natura 2000 Network. In addition, there are 45 biosphere reserves, 121 different habitats and more than 7,000 kilometers of coastline washed by different seas and an ocean. Besides nature, Spain is the third country in the world with more World Heritage sites. Nature and culture creates an explosive cocktail to boost ecotourism and sustainable tourism to diversity the mainstream offer.

There are plenty of small local entrepreneurs dedicated to put on the spotlight the natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way. However, companies tend to be small and the efforts do not go far since the current ecotourism offer is fragmented and disjointed.

The need found for this alliance lies in the articulation of a wide but dispersed sector in Spain, joining companies and professionals in the sector that seek better tourism for their destinations and places of residence. It seeks to create solid and concrete actions for the creation of a strong and structured product that allows access to foreign markets, and to reach that conscious tourist who seeks to discover the genuine Spain during their trip

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