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Queremos mostrarle al mundo que los viajes de impacto positivo son posibles en España

We are passionate about our country and we are excited to share it with you! We would like to become your host during your holiday in Spain to make you feel at home and show you the best destinations, make you live the best travel experiences and help you create the most memorable travel moments during your holiday.
How are we doing this? It’s very simple, we have put together the best offer of sustainable tourism and ecotourism experiences in the whole of Spain for you to chose and discover. Look no further because there is not another travel agency like us in the country!
Our team is deeply passionate about responsible and sustainable tourism and have broad experience working in travel and tourism.
Our goal is to design tailor-made travel itineraries that put on the spotlight our varied cultural and natural heritage, connecting travellers with local realities, but also with unknown destinations and with our carefully selected local hosts that work towards creating a better industry.
We invite you to read more about us and about our sustainability commitment. Genuine Spain work has the following pillars and action lines:
  • We work towards sustainable and responsible tourism in every aspect of our supply chain, in every tailor-made itinerary we create and in every destination we offer.
  • We promote positive impact travel to create meaningful change in socio-economic development and nature conservation.
  • We work under strong ethical, responsible and transparent principles with people and places.
  • We take responsibility and address any possible negative impact on our operations.
  • We contribute to local development, to the understanding and conservation of our natural and cultural heritage and to provide the needed tools to create meaningful hosts and guests relationships.
  • We always offer quality tourism products and experiences that are constantly being renovated to encourage innovation, creativity, and professionalism.
For more information and bookings send us an email to:
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